Brock Stearn grew up in York, Pennsylvania until he left to attend Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. After completing his B.F.A. in Computer Animation, Brock began his M.F.A. at the historical and esteemed Advanced Computer Center of Arts and Design (ACCAD) department at The Ohio State University. His published thesis on High Dynamic Range Imagery and Image Based Illumination was well received and laid the path for his professional career.
Following his graduation from Ohio State, Brock moved to Los Angeles and began working on films and commercials for many of the top studios in the industry. In 15 years, Brock has created content for over 20 films and 30 commercials. Many of those projects have received awards, including Academy Awards, but his goal continues to be to make his work better on each project.
In 2015, Brock stepped outside the entertainment industry where he utilized his extensive technical and creative skills as a a Digital Futurist at WET. A large part of his job is researching and developing new ways to wow clients with amazing technology and visuals in new mediums such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Today, he continues this exciting work with new mediums inside the automotive space working as the Director of Immersive Technology for Edmunds. His goal is to utilize new technology and visuals to improve and change the car research and shopping experience.