360° Test Drive

For Edmunds first 360° video review, we chose the Chevy Bolt EV due to high consumer interest and the small size of the vehicle. The goal was to create a 3D video inside a small car that could technically be scaled to any larger automobile. The concept, including pacing, locations and overall goals, was planned using consumer-level 360° cameras.  For the final shoot, we brought in an outside 360° film studio with a custom-built camera rig. Since the outside studio had not shot 3D 360° content in such a small vehicle, it became a collaborative effort between both teams and the entire shoot was completed in 1.5 days. The video was released in March of 2017 on Edmunds’ popular YouTube channeland  became the main video featured on Chevy Bolt EV pages and became the guideline for Edmunds’ future 360° video reviews.



Director of Immersive Technology