Interactive Pano

Interactive Pano screenshot
My goal was to find a way to allow a user to explore 360° images of vehicle interiors and learn about features inside the space. Using 360° images of a Land Rover Discovery in the mountains of Utah, a fully functional proof of concept was created along in partnership with an outside vendor who specializes in creating interactive non-360° videos   Using the Land Rover Discovery example and performance metrics, this new product was pitched to OEM partners by Edmunds’ Tier 1 sales team. The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Edition was the first vehicle to be featured in the new Interactive 360° Pano project. The on-location vehicle shoot was completed in one day and all post work the following week, including all side-panel content.   The launch of the Jeep Cherokee Summit Edition Interactive 360° Pano in September was a huge success, and the team quickly moved to the 2018 Lincoln Navigator version, which launched in December 2017. The first two campaigns, of six months each, featuring the Interactive 360° Pano product resulted in almost $2mil in new revenue and users had 6x more interactions within each of the page compared to prior campaigns.



Director of Immersive Technology